Tomato Water

Tomato “Water”

When you get a glut of tomatoes, make Tomato “Water” which is actually clear tomato juice and somehow tastes more like tomatoes than the flesh itself.
Take the very best summer tomatoes, and chop with a sharp knife (clean cuts are best, do not crush nor bludgeon them), or quick pulse in a food processor, but leave in chunks or large dice. Place in cheese cloth, or wide knit cloth, tie at the top and hang over a bowl to collect the liquid, let hang for 6-12, or even 24 hours. DO NOT SQUEEZE! You just want the clearest liquid, all the red in tomato juice is from the squeezed pulp. The clear liquid is the essence of the flavor in
tomatoes. The left over tomato flesh can be used for a sauce or paste.
You can use it cold for a summer soup, or heat slightly and whisk in a little cream or butter and some fresh marjoram or tarragon, add salt & pepper for a sauce for pasta, fish or chicken.