2013 Travel Dates 
*Tuscany – Throughout May, October
*Provence – Throughout May, September
*Spanish Catalonia & Barcelona - September 10-16

We’re pleased to announce our 2013 trip schedule for Friends and Food International. Our guided trips are designed to provide an insider’s perspective of the beautiful regions we visit.  We invite you to be part of a group, staying at historic villas and country inns with hosts who are experts in cuisine, history, culture, and the fine art of living well.

     Our fall & spring travel dates coincide with the best seasons for exploring scenic villages, vineyards and regional markets. People and their food are the keystones of culture. Knowing how and where it is produced, and its place in history and celebrations, provides a delicious guide to learning about other people and their communities.
Our philosophy is that the joy of travel and learning are as important as the actual places that we visit. We hope that you can join us this coming year and appreciate and love these wonderful regions as we do.
We can also schedule trips at anytime throughout the year for groups of 6 to 10 people upon request. In addition to our European adventures, we also organize trips to South India and in the USA to New Mexico, New Orleans and the Oregon wine country.
The land price is $3250 per person. This cost includes: all meals & wines, restaurants, accommodations & service, group travel, guided tours, cooking classes, and entrance fees.  Does not include air fare
Thank you and please contact me for more detailed materials, information, itineraries and photos.  I’ll be glad to hear from you, and I’m always happy to discuss travel to beautiful places.